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5 day SHEWOLF retreat

todos santos, mexico
may 23rd - 27th 2024

yoga / meditation / sound healing

reiki/ tarot / psychic readings / massage

nature / excursions / organic food

journaling / women circle / voice activation / emotional release

sacred ceremonies / temazcal
abundance of love

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howl of the SHEWOLF

I pledge to be a portal of the Divine


to flow like rivers

and never swim in the shallow


to live with a wide-open heart

and loud voices


to break the silence

and stand what I see


to howl the truth 

and awaken my goddess-given powers


to hold oceans in my womb 

and skinny-dip them on a full moon


to dance our prayers

and burn for change


to hold circles

and remember


to heal sisterhood

and create medicine out of stories

for scars stronger than skin.


may you remember all of this as true

and run free and wild like a wolf

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