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Our Past Experiences

Thank you for trusting us to be your mirror 🫶🏼

for dancing our shadows, for the divine laughing, for leaving our stories in the fire together, for the holy howling to the moon, for the water that becomes medicine, for shedding the old stories, for meeting our edges through heart opening, for speaking the truth.
I love you all for lifetimes


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"It has been a really transformative, healing, and beautiful experience. 
I am taking away so much from it, but mostly the power and connection between women." 

Simone, USA


“I attended the New Year 2023 Retreat in Bali with Lina and Mady, and I encourage all women looking for a safe space and a time of refreshing and renewing to consider attending.
Each day held new topics and exercises to release the old that no longer serves us and create an existence in the Newness of Life.  A retreat like this gives you time to focus on your own journey, to realize all you’ve survived, to see the blessings that are yours now, and to look into your future to design the life you desire to live.
We experienced the freedom and joy of howling at the moon.  We enjoyed daily yoga sessions, massage, sound cleansing, prayer circles, kundalini release exercises, and a cacao ceremony led by Kimberly, plus an individual tarot reading. Sounds like this retreat will contain many of these same things. And the food for breakfast and dinner was delicious. Multiple offerings at each meal, always with something to please everyone’s taste. 
Again, I encourage all to consider accepting the adventure that awaits.  I do not regret a moment of mine. Thank you Lina and Mady for being quality women of power, passion, and faith who offer healing retreats around the world.”
Sharon, USA

costa rica

Olivia, USA

“My biggest takeaway from the retreat is the importance of sisterhood. I recommend this for everyone who wants to have more self awareness and is looking for sisterhood.”

Simone, USA

“It has been a really transformative, healing, and beautiful experience. I am taking away so much from it, but mostly the power and connection between women.”

Victoria, USA

“I am leaving different, energized, more in tune with myself, feeling more vulnerable and with more confidence than I ever had before!”